Incense is currently gaining a place of honour in the western art of living. With its refined cultural heritage, it conveys a poetic perception of the world which needs to be rediscovered, like the delicate gesture of smelling a perfume.

If the hourglass gives our mind an image of time running away between our fingers, wisps of smoke rising from a censer are like time flowing and lingering without haste in space. The time of the hourglass is a race, a race against time, incense is a dance that takes its time. Its art is slow, but of a correct and airy slowness, and the scent of incense, penetrating the senses, arouses memories, images and dreams.

It is in the rituals and liturgies that the rythm of smoldering incense, wrapped in fragrant smoke, becomes the witness of a very profound and most respectful veneration, ‘food of the Gods’; sacred bond between the past and the future, the visible and the invisible, the temporal and the timeless; in this expanded time where body and mind meet again, as if they are listening to the incense.

Insensum produces perfumed incense using traditional Byzantine know-how. The quality of the incense has improved considerably over the last twenty years, thanks to continuous improvements in the manufacturing process. In addition, the conscious and consistent choice to use only sustainable raw materials allows Insensum incense to unambiguously evoke the fascinating link between the beauty of nature and the profoundness of the sacred.

After an initial and extended period of creation and development at the Benedictine monastery of Chevetogne (Belgium), Insensum has been produced since spring 2023 at La Rivelaine, a formerly square farmhouse in the heart of Walloon Brabant, where the values of sustainable transition and connection to life are celebrated and lived on a daily basis.

The purity of the perfumes, developed exclusively by the perfume engineers at Charabot (Groupe Robertet, Grasse), and the olfactory stability of the palette of fragrances released during the combustion process make this incense highly appreciated for both liturgical and private use.

New product ranges will soon be launched. These include scented candles, perfume diffusers (capilla and spray), and soaps in tablet or liquid form.

The different types of incense from Insensum can be classified into four fragrance categories: floral, fruity, herbaceous and woody.

In addition to the name of the fragrance, each incense also has its proper name. Since the beginning of production, all incense has been named after a saint, a monastery or a sanctuary significant to the Christian East.

The names of the incense in the new range, launched in 2015, refer to a wider range of biblical and symbolic names.

To burn the incense, i.e. to melt the incense grains and release the fragrance, small charcoals, round and flat, specially designed for the purpose are commonly used. A charcoal must be lit with a flame until it glows red, after which it is placed in a censer. A few grains of incense are then placed on the charcoal using a spoon or tweezers. 

Other types of incense burners are also available on the market. An incense burner specially developed for Insensum will soon be available.

“Incense & Fragrance” is a not-for-profit association whose aim is to study, develop and promote the refined, intercultural and religious heritage of the world of olfaction. Incense has a unique place at the heart of this heritage.

The association brings together a small monastic community currently being formed within the Benedictine Order, dedicated to encounter and dialogue. Incense, the symbol par excellence of the sacred nature of all encounters between human beings, on the one hand, and between the human and the divine, on the other, is an instrument of choice for penetrating the mystical world of self-transcendence through encounter and dialogue.

The community tries to subsist and implement its objectives thanks to the marketing of the incense it makes and the support of its donors.


Email: info@insensum.com

SiĂšge sociale: ASBL Incense & Fragrance, Rue Rivelaine 42/7, B-1428 Lillois, TVA: BE 0780.765.272
Email: info@ifpoetics.com, Tel: + 32 494 351199, IBAN: BE 35 9734 2440 4437

Donations: paypal.me/insensum

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