Salsepareille du Pèlerin

Galbanum EO accord


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Strolling along to the rhythm of the sea, lost between the azure blue of the Mediterranean and its criss-crossing scrubland of impenetrable bushes and sun-drenched undergrowth, you're likely to be suddenly hooked by a fresh, delicious, slightly honeyed scent, transporting you to a world of serenity, lightness, balance and renewed energy. On closer inspection, it's clear that we've discovered the surprising scent of this unnoticed creeping plant, covered in tiny white flowers: sarsaparilla - the favourite plant of little blue smurfs, for those who have kept the inner wilderness of their youth.

This delightful wander through a kaleidoscope of verdant hues and a range of textures, from suave to delicately rough, like the infinite variety of foliage that nature offers to the nostrils and the hand, initially provides a multi-faceted trail of Galbanum, here in EO, at once green and vegetal, white and watery, slightly herbaceous, woody and earthy. Along the way, the green, sparkling tone brings out a few spicier, sunnier hints, with exotic almond notes, but without drowning in sweetness., procure au départ un sillage multi facetté du Galbanum, ici en HE, à la fois verte et végétale, blanche et aqueuse, légèrement herbacée, boisée et terreuse. Chemin faisant, la tonalité verte et pétillante fait éclore quelques soupçons plus épicés et solaires, aux allures exotiques d’amandé, mais sans se noyer dans le sucré.

This truly synaesthetic stroll creates an olfactory illusion of soft lime blossom to contemplate the blue sky and notes of raw peas to admire a rich vegetable garden at the edge of a vast lawn of cut grass. This incense with its complex fragrance reveals its treasure map: a sensation of crystalline freshness, vibrant, almost mineral, dynamic, bringing serenity and well-being: a bubble of poetic happiness.

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