Muguet de Saint Georges

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In 1560, Catherine de Médicis entrusted a secret mission to the knight Louis de Girard. On his return a year later, he picked a bunch of lilies of the valley in his garden and offered it as a good luck charm to the young King Charles IX. The following year, the King in turn offered a sprig of lily of the valley and his best wishes to the ladies of the court, and he wished that this would happen every year. Ever since...
Although perfume engineers have used their imagination and talent to vary the way lily of the valley is presented over the years, its fragrance has its own signature, without in any way upsetting the classic codes of the genre, because the flower is so well rendered, at once very natural, pure and simple. Poetic and refined, the scent of this lucky flower, which doesn't lend itself to extraction, is the result of a combination of very green, incisive, vegetal first notes, giving an impression of fresh, intense nature. These soon give way to the floral notes of lily of the valley, accompanied by the finesse of rose, supported by a hint of jasmine, all united in a case of soft green notes.
Devotees of this spring fragrance may continue to enjoy this scent in incense form.

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