Patchouli et Cashmire de Mar Thomas

Perfume built around Patchouli EO, with Sandalwood EO and Benzoin EO among others


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An ode to the fragrance of an expensive and luxurious raw material: patchouli. The fragrance of this rich, highly complex and refined composition is built around a fraction (redistilled essence) of Patchouli that has been purified, sublimated and magnified, separated from its overly camphorated roughness.
It all starts with a surprising but seductive spirit accord. This syrupy sparkle is accompanied by an obvious woody facet that lasts right through to the base notes, and a mysterious touch of mustiness that, though allusive, becomes more fleeting as the minutes pass. The magic of patchouli, with its musty, resinous, earthy aspect, coexists here with the fascination of dry cedar: this is how this fragrance mixes extremes, appearing musty, and therefore damp, but also dry. Then it is adorned with a few delicate notes of Australian Sandalwood, which is neither creamy nor unctuous like Mysore Sandalwood, but rather dry and bitter in its first notes, although like its Indian cousin, it has a fine, soft woodiness. The fragrance seems to build towards a softer, resinous, balsamic trail with a hint of vanilla, thanks to the addition of the rounding notes of Benzoin. In the end, this walk through the undergrowth turns out to be a sweetness embodied by the warm, sensual imprint of Cashmere Wood. An initiatory scent, this fragrance, a symbol of freedom and distant horizons, is bewitching and dense, evoking dreams, escape and mystery.

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