Petits Papiers de Platon

Fragrance evoking Papier d'Arménie (EO & absolutes)


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Fragrance evoking Papier d'Arménie (EO & absolutes)

Art and substance. Appreciated for its smooth, delicately sweet, vanilla and balsamic notes, styrax tears, the best benzoin resin, the one secreted by the alibou tree - a tree that grows in the forests of the Far East, particularly in ancient Laos - is of course at the centre of this oriental and mystical construction. They are enveloped in other materials, like guaiac wood, which adds a slightly smoky, woody touch; a few spices introduce a spicy, sprightly dimension. A hint of powder at the base wraps the whole scent in a caressing, delicate warmth. For all those allergic to sickeningly sweet vanilla fragrances, and for lovers of direct, unadorned yet precious scents, this incense will delight you with its aromas, the essence of which could be summoned up by the famous 'retro' Papier d'Arménie.

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