Vetiver de Ninive

Contains Vetiver Java EO, Cedar USA EO, myrrh and galbanum (also green and earthy).


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Contains Vetiver Java EO, Cedar USA EO, myrrh and galbanum (also green and earthy).

Vetiver is one of the most beautiful woody materials on the perfumer's palette. Four facets express themselves in turn in a green freshness: the earthy tonicity of the slightly smoky Vetiver Java rootlets, the woody, dry strength of Cedar USA, the balmy, resinous, almost spicy note of myrrh and finally the sensual crispness of the green scent of crumpled leaves with the chypre accents of galbanum. While none of the facets tries to take precedence over the other, precisely because allure refuses to impose itself, the vigour of the beautiful woody, earthy notes of vetiver almost single-handedly interprets the entire composition, giving it its distinct masculine dimension, slightly severe but pleasant and harmonious to smell. This fragrance evokes the duality of nature: severity and clemency, freshness and warmth, dissonance and harmony, noise and silence. The scent of earth after rain, the fresh air of early mornings, the fumaroles of tobacco mixed with spices, the scent of old-fashioned soap, the whiff of an old herbalist's dark shop... these are all sources of inspiration that evoke an enchanting journey into the sacred history of India, where, in a tropical humidity, the wisps of smoked wood and the mystical fumigations of offerings intertwine. Surprisingly engaging.

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